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Why You Need a Reliable PDF Annotation Provider

PDF annotation services allow successful NLP, so the machine begins to understand human speech. Despite a large number of such services, one finds it hard to find the right pdf annotator as every service has its own benefits and drawbacks. The best decision to solve this situation is to get the annotation pdf is to find the provider who will ensure you efficient results. It will save both time and money for your project as well as resources and energy for work.

Our quality services and customer-centric approach let us be called one of the best in pdf and document annotation. The rich expertise at work with online pdf annotation helps us to provide our users with reliable instruments and tools and makes us the real experts in providing high-quality outsource PDF annotators. We help our clients with the best text annotation pdf that can bring them the desired result.

PDF Annotation Use Cases

native speakers

Smart search

Due to natural language processing pdf the work with documents becomes easier. The engine searches not only the word in all its forms but also its semantic meaning according to the context. It makes the work not only simpler but much faster.

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Indication of fakes

The semantic analysis pdf lets you analyze text and understand its true meaning. Due to it, it identifies fakes and invalid information by removing it. This is also well-used with e-mails that can consist of spam and dangerous information.

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It is much easier to categorize information with named entity recognition pdf, which helps to identify the main topics and objects and sort them according to their features. The information will not be chaotic anymore and one will find it easy to cope with it.

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Relation extraction

Identify and categorize important entities within your Dutch text, such as names, locations, organizations, and product mentions. This service enables you to extract valuable information and gain deeper insights into your data.

NLP Annotation Types We Specialize In

NLP Annotation Types We Specialize In

We offer a wide variety of services that are based on PDF labeling and nlp. Here you can become familiar with some of them and choose the service that is appropriate to you.


Natural Language Processing (NLP)

It is one of the text annotation services that is based on learning machines how to understand human language and is widely used for different purposes, for example, in emails. It helps to recognize spam messages and separate them from the main mail. In addition, it helps to translate texts and provide users with auto correction if it finds a mistake.


Named Entity Recognition (NER)

This is a part of text annotation machine learning that allows the identification of named entities in the text. It includes names of people, objects, organizations, medical codes, time expressions, etc. It is widely used in checking large texts and in hiring potential candidates for various positions as well as for the classification of the content.


Sentiment Analysis

This service allows you to annotate pdf to determine the tone and emotional coloration. Due to pdf classification, this allows you to categorize information about a product or text and understand the mood of the author when he wrote it. It analyzes both individual words and combinations of words in whole sentences and makes an assessment based on this.


Intent Analysis

The service provides you with a deep analysis of the written text to understand the intent of the author. It shows the real purpose of writing the text that is expressed with the words. Additionally, it checks the legality of the person due to analysis of their e-mail, phone number, etc. It lets us avoid conflicts and risky deals that can bring serious consequences.


Entity Classification

The instrument of text labeling services is useful for various classifications according to names, positions, organizations, locations, and so on. It is useful in creating databases where all the information would be classified according to different options. The service identifies the needed information and sorts it due to your preferences.

How to Order PDF Annotation Services With Us

If you want to order one or several of our services, you need to make three main steps that will provide you with collaboration with us.

step 1

Contact us through the form below

To contact us you need to fulfill the form you can find below. Fill in all the fields and give us information about you, your organization and the project, and the goals we need to help you with.

step 2

Share your project requirements

To determine the cost of our services, we need to review your project. When the project requirements are shared, we can analyze them and send you a final estimate. The price will be based on your project goals, deadlines, and other requirements.

step 3

Pay the invoice and start collaboration

After that, you will get the invoice that will inform you about the price which should be paid. Right after the payment, our collaboration will be started and we will provide you with the best result.


Flexible Cooperation Models For Any Business Needs


Part-time PDF Annotator Dedicated to Your Project

In this case, you get a part-time worker to work on your project. This model is good for any type of business that has some budget limits. You do not need to pay a full salary, you are only responsible for the payment hourly rate.

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Managed PDF Annotation Service

You outsource all the responsibility for the project we will be working on. As a result, we will provide you with the desired result. This model is appropriate for projects with a limited time or budget as you do not need to pay for some extra workers.

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Full-time PDF Annotation Specialist Fully Dedicated to Your Project

If your project is long-termed and you need a worker permanent employee with a stable schedule, you can choose this model. The payment here is based on a monthly salary and you basically get a new full-time worker.

If you want to order one or several of our services, you need to make three main steps that will provide you with collaboration with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Text annotations let you cope with a large amount of text and easily understand the person who wrote it. It makes the work more structured and makes the work with text easier and faster.

Usually, it includes such tools as semantic text analysis or tagging which makes the PDF easier to understand. However, lots depend on your personal needs and desires.

One should count on the services they provide and the industries they are working in. It is also important to analyze their special offers and task approach.

No, it will remain the same, as nlp annotation services do not change the file’s design.

Everything depends on the difficulty of the task and the size of the annotation nlp project. Big projects with lots of requirements may take a longer time to become ready.


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