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NLP Annotation

Natural language processing (NLP) labeling involves assigning labels or tags to text data to provide a better understanding of its meaning and structure. Annotation helps identify and categorize elements like entities, sentiments, parts of speech, and relationships between words in texts or sentences.


NLP labeling is essential to machine learning since it assists in creating annotated datasets used to train NLP models. By providing accurate and consistent labeling of text data, NLP annotation services help to increase the effectiveness of ML algorithms in tasks such as sentiment analysis, named entity recognition, or text classification.

At our company, we offer professional NLP annotation services to help businesses improve their machine-learning capabilities. Our team of experienced annotators uses industry-leading tools and techniques to ensure that the labeled data is of the highest quality. Outsource data annotation services to us for annotation projects of different scales and complexity.

NLP Annotation Types We Specialize In


Entity Annotation

NLP entity recognition involves identifying and tagging different entities in a text, like people, organizations, locations, and dates. With named entity recognition in NLP, you can provide a better understanding of the context and structure of the text data.


Entity Linking

Entity linking involves connecting entities in a text to their corresponding entries in a knowledge base. This service helps to eliminate ambiguity between entities with similar names and to enrich the text data with additional information.


Text Classification

Text classification NLP involves categorizing text data into predefined categories such as topics, themes, or genres. With this service, you can organize and structure large volumes of text data, making it easier to analyze and extract insights.


Sentiment Annotation

Sentiment annotation involves identifying the overall sentiment of a text as positive, negative, or neutral. This NLP data annotation service helps businesses to comprehend how stakeholders or customers feel about their brand, products, or services.


Linguistic Annotation

Linguistic annotation involves labeling different linguistic features of a text, such as parts of speech, syntactic structures, and semantic roles. This service helps to provide a more detailed and structured representation of the text data, enabling more sophisticated NLP analyses.

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Data Annotation Services We Offer

Image Annotation

Our team provides various annotation services apart from NLP tagging. We can hop on image annotation tasks that include object detection, image segmentation, image classification, facial recognition, and landmark recognition.

text annotation services

Text Annotation

Our experienced experts can help with NLP text annotation to label text data aspects like entities, sentiments, topics, and relationships. We can also help to create labeled datasets for tasks such as natural language understanding, text classification, and named entity recognition NLP.

Audio Annotation​

Our audio annotation services involve labeling different aspects of audio data like speech, music, noise, and emotions. We can help you create labeled datasets for the following tasks: speech recognition, speaker identification, and emotion detection.

Video Annotation

Our team can assist you with video annotation services by labeling objects, actions, and scenes. We can help you create labeled datasets for video surveillance, activity recognition, and gesture recognition.

Industries We Work With

Numerous industries rely on annotation in NLP to extract helpful information from their data. Here are a few domains our company has experience in:



Healthcare organizations can leverage NLP annotation to analyze medical records, clinical notes, and patient feedback to improve patient care and treatment outcomes.



NLP annotation is used in marketing to analyze social media data, customer reviews, and surveys to understand customer preferences, sentiments, and behavior.



eCommerce businesses can use NLP annotation to study customer reviews, search queries, and product descriptions. This way, they may optimize search results, improve product recommendations, and understand consumer needs better.



Using NLP annotation in the education industry involves analyzing student feedback, course evaluations, and learning materials. This way, educational establishments can improve learning resources and understand student needs better.



NLP annotation is instrumental in finance, enabling the analysis of financial reports, news articles, and social media data to predict market trends, gain insights into customer behavior, and discover potential investment opportunities.


Customer Service

Companies providing customer services can leverage NLP annotation for machine learning to analyze customer feedback, emails, and messages. They can use the obtained insights for faster troubleshooting and better customer experience.

How to Outsource an NLP Annotation Specialist

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Reasons to Outsource NLP Annotation to Us



Outsourcing NLP annotation to our experts is more cost-effective than hiring and training an in-house NLP annotator. Our company offers reasonable rates and has a well-coordinated team to tackle your tasks.



Outsourcing NLP annotation to a specialized company like ours will significantly improve the annotation quality. We have extensive experience in NLP labeling and can provide more accurate and consistent results.



Delegating NLP labeling to our data annotation company allows for easy scalability as your annotation requirements increase or decrease. We can quickly adjust the number of annotators assigned to a project to match its size and complexity.



You can speed up the annotation process by outsourcing text annotation NLP to our company. We have a large number of annotators ready to hop on your project and deliver it promptly.

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Focus on your organization’s core competencies while our experts tackle the NLP text annotation tasks. You can make your business more efficient by collaborating with our outsourcing company.



By outsourcing annotation NLP to our company, you can access specialized expertise in different domains, tools, and techniques. This way, you can get a high-quality project driven by the latest insights, industry trends, and best practices.

Cooperation Models We Offer

By partnering with us, you can access three models of cooperation. They are as follows:


Part-Time Dedicated NLP Annotator

If you opt for this cooperation model, you can get a part-time NLP annotator dedicated to your project. Our expert will handle entity classification NLP, intent classification NLP, and other text data annotation tasks for short-term fixed-load projects on hourly pay.

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Managed NLP Annotation Service

In this cooperation model, you fully transfer NLP sentence classification, NLP intent classification, text classification, and other tasks to our experts. We handle them independently while you dedicate your time to core business operations. This work approach best suits projects with established scopes, budgets, and deadlines.

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Full-Time Dedicated NLP Annotator

This cooperative approach is best for long-term projects with flexible workloads, timelines, and budgets. You can get a full-time NLP annotator who will devote all his time to your labeling and classification NLP tasks.

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