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What Is an Entity in NLP Annotation

Named entity recognition (NER) is a method of identifying named entities in a text document and classifying them by various categories. These entities may include names, companies, addresses, locations, and any other textual information that can be classified.

Named entities, when categorized, can then be used to train natural language processing (NLP) models and applied in various areas like customer service, translation, social media analytics, media, cyber security, and more. NER facilitates NLP operations by enabling named entity identification with virtually no manual intervention.

Named entity recognition NLP streamlines textual information analytics by training models to look for interconnections between entities. As a result, entity linking and annotation services are necessary to make this possible.

We at Entity Annotation have significant experience with labeling in name entity tagging. Our team facilitates the training of NLP models by clearly marking named entities and dividing them into meaningful categories. By choosing our data annotation services, you’ll get labeled data in the shortest possible time to start achieving your business goals right away.

Text Annotation Services We Provide


Named Entity Recognition

Leveraging significant experience, Entity Annotation’s specialists will help you identify and label named entities in various texts. We mark both words and phrases, approaching those tasks with high precision. So you’ll get clean, labeled data according to your business needs.


Keyphrase Tagging

Our services include tagging keywords in texts to train keyphrases extraction algorithms. Our entity tagging specialists can effortlessly highlight the relevant words and phrases in textual information. You can then apply the acquired data to train NLP and machine learning models.


Topic Extraction

Build topic models with our experts. We collect a comprehensive set of annotated and tagged data and highlight keywords and phrases in them, thus, enabling algorithms to distinguish the subjects of texts.


Inside-Outside-Beginning (IOB) Tagging

Our data labeling company also provides entity tagging NLP services in IOB format. As a result, you can swiftly get annotated and structured datasets for your machine-learning algorithms.


Part-of-Speech (POS) Tagging

NLP model training requires more than named entity recognition services. For high-quality machine learning, you also need to teach algorithms to distinguish parts of speech. You can outsource data annotation services to our experts for this purpose.

Boost Your AI Performance with Our Entity Annotation Services

Reasons to Outsource Data Annotation to Us



The primary reason to outsource AI data annotation services to our company is cost-effectiveness. We offer reasonable rates that don’t break the bank.


Top-Notch Quality

Our experts have many years of experience in entity annotation for machine learning, NLP, and AI. As a result, you benefit from exceptional expertise, an innovative approach, and clean, well-organized datasets.


Increased Scalability

We are one of the best data labeling companies to help you scale your business fast and efficiently. Contact us when you need additional annotation specialists, and we will provide them immediately.


Lightning-Fast Project Delivery

Our dedicated entity annotation experts perform data labeling and tagging tasks as quickly as possible. We do everything to exceed your expectations and submit the project according to established deadlines.


High Security Standards

If you still doubt whether to outsource data annotation services for machine learning, then don’t. You may rest assured that your data will be protected to the highest standards.


In-Depth Industry Expertise

Leverage our many-year entity annotation expertise to deliver high-quality ML and AI projects. You can also access the latest tools and technologies to drive innovation with us.

3 Common Applications of Entity Annotation in Machine Learning

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Machine Learning

NLP annotation for machine learning enables models to understand the context of sentences and the sequence of words in them. Thus, the named entity recognition method improves how well algorithms recognize and comprehend texts as a whole.

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Named entity recognition is essential to NLP, as it’s one of the most effective strategies for extracting the required information from the text. Using entity linking NLP, you may teach the model to recognize various entities, such as names, locations, terminologies, etc. As a result, machines can interpret and distinguish items in the text.

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Deep Learning

Deep learning is a broader application of machine learning algorithms, which involves processing large volumes of data. In this case, NLP annotation services can help train models to recognize named entities better and faster.

How to Hire a Text Labeler with Us

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3 Main Models of Cooperation We Offer


Part-Time Dedicated Data Annotation Specialist

In this cooperative approach, we deliver data labeling services part-time on an hourly-paid basis. Such a collaboration model works best for projects with a fixed load.

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Managed Data Annotation Service

It’s one of our data annotation machine learning services that best suits short-term projects with fixed budgets, deadlines, and requirements. In this cooperation model, we get the raw data from you and annotate it according to the set schedule.

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Full-Time Dedicated Data Annotation Specialist

This data labeling service involves a monthly-paid full-time dedicated annotation specialist to work on your tasks. This cooperation model is perfect for long-term projects that require maximum commitment.

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