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What Is Document Labeling?

Document labeling is a sort of data annotation involving machine learning to give meaning to blocks of text, whether single words, longer sentences, or entire paragraphs. This is accomplished by giving AI models extra data in the form of definitions, meaning, and intent to support the written text. 

Here are the main reasons why text annotation is essential: 

Finding the data you need and removing the data you don’t need is made more accessible by text labeling or categorizing.

Thanks to text annotation, you can automate operations that would otherwise be labor-intensive and manual. You can save time and money by classifying or categorizing the data so that you don’t have to work more looking for it.

You can give your customers the goods, services, or experiences they want by using data to understand their needs and desires better.

Document annotation can help you achieve your goals, whether you want to boost productivity, enhance the quality of your data, or make more competent judgments.

Services We Provide

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Entity Annotation

One of the most crucial steps in creating chatbot training datasets and other NLP training data is entity annotation. Finding, extracting, and tagging text items is what it entails. Entity annotations come in a variety of forms:  Named entity recognition (NER). Keyphrase tagging. Part-of-speech (POS) tagging.

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Entity Linking

Both the user experience and search functionality are enhanced by entity linking. Linking labeled entities in a text to a URL that offers extra details about the entity is the responsibility of annotators. Entity linking can take different forms:  Ent-to-end entity linking  Entity disambiguation

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Text Classification

Text classification, sometimes referred to as text categorization or document classification, requires annotators to read a body of text or a few lines of text. Annotators are required to examine the content and identify its subject and provide sentiment and intent analysis before categorizing it according to a specified list of categories. Text classification is the act of marking a whole body or line of text with a single label, as opposed to entity annotation, which labels specific words or phrases. The following text annotator types are related:  Document classification  Product categorization  Sentiment annotation

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Linguistic Annotation

Linguistic annotation, often known as corpus annotation, is the practice of labeling language information in written or auditory content. Annotators are responsible for locating and highlighting grammatical, semantic, or phonetic aspects in the text or audio data when using linguistic annotation. Some examples of linguistic annotations are:  Discourse annotation  Part-of-speech (POS) tagging  Phonetic annotation  Semantic annotation or semantic text analysis


Sentiment Annotation

A powerful sentiment data analysis model can effectively identify the sentiment in user reviews, social media postings, and more when it is appropriately constructed with appropriate training data. Businesses would then be able to track consumer sentiment toward their products using the sentiment analysis and tone analysis model, which would enable them to design new strategies or revise existing ones in response. 

How to Order Document Labeling Services With Us

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3 Main Models of Cooperation We Offer

We offer three main model services to meet your unique project needs. 


Part-time document labeling specialist dedicated to your project

We assign a specialized labeler who collaborates directly with you on the project and provides text annotation service with a flexible workload and QA handled by us.

  • For: tasks with a fluctuating workload and particular instructions
  • Payment terms: based on the number of hours worked
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Managed document labeling service

You only need to give us the raw data and your requirements; we’ll take care of the NLP annotation services and quality assurance testing within the allotted period.

  • For: projects with a minimal budget or a short deadline​
  • Payment terms: pay for time and materials
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Full-time document labeling specialist fully dedicated to your project

We locate a dedicated employee who devotes 40 hours per week to working solely on your project and, in accordance with your instructions, doing text data annotation services for you.

  • For: Long-term projects that take a whole day to complete
  • Payment terms: Each month

FAQs on Document Labeling Outsourcing

Annotation NLP helps text tagging machine learning systems understand a text. Additionally, our AI’s annotation services aid in the understanding of significant words, phrases, and feelings in the text by these ML-based algorithms. Superior annotation texts are produced at scale via our specifically designed platform for online text annotation and a pool of highly qualified and trained annotators.

Our AI annotators carefully examine and extract the substance of the content that the client provides in order to comprehend the meaning, context, and attitudes behind it. They then classify the text using several labels and conduct text mining semantic analysis. We use a variety of AI algorithms to encourage reader interaction with your content. 

In NLP, text annotation machine learning is just the process of assigning labels to data sets, most of which are collections of dissimilar phrase structures that are waiting to be classed.

The development of intelligent chatbots, virtual assistants, email filters, translators, and anything else that enables robots to understand the natural language of humans and even reply appropriately is made possible by pdf and document annotation.

Annotating text, pdf tagging, and text tagging in a healthcare database allows for the production of insightful results. These revelations have the power to enhance patient outcomes, streamline processes, and control regulatory compliance.


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